Animation Shows Traumatic Brain Injury to Driver From Fiery U-Haul Rental Crash

$41.7M Settlement

Trial attorney Gary Dordick and Christopher Bulone of Dordick Law secured a $42.7 Million settlement for their client in a catastrophic Traumatic Brain Injury case. The case involved a plaintiff who was driving a U-Haul rental truck on the freeway. The truck suddenly erupted in dark, billowing smoke and scorching flames. So, engulfed in smoke and flames, the plaintiff had no choice but to jump for his life from the inoperable moving truck. As a result, the plaintiff suffered multiple bodily injuries and a fractured skull. The traumatic brain Injury caused plaintiffs brain ventricles to swell-up. This required surgical intervention to alleviate the pressure from the brain swelling and save his life.

Dordick Law retained MotionLit to produce visuals including Animations and Medical Illustrations to aid with the trial presentation. This helped the jurors understand the mechanics of the incident and life threatening injuries.

First, MotionLit Animation, combined with multiple key expert witness factors, described the mechanical failures that caused the engine fire including; low oil and fluid levels, along with ruptured hoses that spilled the combustible fluid onto the sizzling engine manifold.

Then, a walkthrough MotionLit Animation showed the mechanism of what caused the traumatic brain injury from the plaintiffs impact to the ground. It portrayed, in a comprehensive fashion, the medical procedure that was performed. This  included an External Ventricular Drainage (EVD) procedure with a Licox intracranial hypertension monitoring device, also.

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