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Disabled Teen Died in Care Facility

An Orange County Superior Court jury, awarded $5.7 million in damages, and $4.5 million in punitive damages to the Lake Forest family, whose disabled teenage son, 15-year-old Kevin Barr, died at a care facility in Mission Viejo.

Orange County plaintiff lawyer, Eric Dubin of Dubin Law Firm represented the Barr family. Reportedly the caregiver failed to give Kevin his anti-seizure medication in the evening, and found him unresponsive but delayed calling 911 for roughly an hour. The Jury found that the care facility was negligent in employing a caregiver with no CPR or emergency response training. When paramedics arrived, Kevin was already dead in his bed.

While California law places a $250,000 cap on damages in medical malpractice cases, the jury in this case was able to award more because it was discovered that the facility worked to conceal its mistakes after Kevin’s death, causing further damage to his family.

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In gearing up for trial, Eric Dubin hired MotionLit’s experienced Video, Design and Trial team to prepare videos, persuasive demonstratives and provide litigation support technology before the jury.

MotionLit’s trial technician prepared multiple exhibits and managed an extensive database of medical documents. With a well-prepared and organized database, Eric Dubin was able to play and call up various excerpts, graphic call-outs and readily available witness testimony clips. For impeachment of the opponent, video clips were made on-the-fly by MotionLit and played during the presentation. For closing arguments, MotionLit worked extensively to design powerful and poignant slides and exhibits displaying the timeline of events that occurred during the incident.

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