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Woman Slips and Falls at Work

Plaintiff sued janitorial company alleging negligence and premises liability after she slipped and fell at work and suffered a fractured pelvis, fractured elbow, fractured scapula, and fractured ribs. Defendants admitted that they failed to adhere to their own policies and procedures regarding the use of warning signs after mopping. However, they denied any and all liability for causing the subject incident and blamed the fall on Plaintiff’s pre-existing degenerative meniscus tear and her footwear. After 5 hours of deliberation the jury found that the Defendants’ negligence was substantial factor in causing Plaintiff’s injuries. They awarded the full amount of past medical specials owed in the amount of $130,000 as well as $250,000 in future medical specials and $650,000 in general damages, bringing the total award to $1,030,000. Defendants’ highest pre-trial offer to settle the dispute was for $250,000. Plaintiff’s last offer was for $750,000.

Plaintiff attorney Brandon J. Simon of the Simon Law Group and Keith J. Bruno of Bruno & Nalu retained MotionLit’s expert trial technician who provided the Litigation Support, equipment installation services and exhibit binder production. MotionLit’s technician, also known as the hot-seat operator, ensured that the presentation and technology ran smoothly throughout the course of the trial, while playing back deposition video clips, calling-up key exhibit documents, and gorgeously designed demonstratives in opening and closing statements.

MotionLit would like to congratulate Brandon J. Simon and the Simon Law Group and Keith J. Bruno of Bruno & Nalu for their dedication and commitment for the consumer!

To learn more about ordering demonstrative graphics, Settlement Videos, litigation support services, or inquiring about our “Paperless” trial system please call (213) 291-9141 for details.

Case Reference: Zaidman v. ABM
Kieth J. Bruno, Esq. of Bruno & Nalu (left), and Brandon J. Simon (right) of The Simon Law Group

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