Plaintiff and his wife and son were driving homeward after a vacation on July 7, 2013. On Highway 62 in the middle of the desert on a mostly straight road, they saw a large truck and trailer ahead of them along the side of the road. As the plaintiff family approached, the truck suddenly merged onto the 2-way highway right in front of them. Plaintiff served his vehicle left into the oncoming lane. Despite his maneuver, he still struck the left-front cab of the truck and ended up with his Ford Excursion in the sand. They had been towing a jet-ski which along with the tow wagon, was flung off the Excursion.

All three family members were injured with neck and back pain. Plaintiffs wife and son eventually healed and no longer experience pain or discomfort. But the plaintiff wasn’t so lucky. He sustained cervical spine injury, disc protrusion and had to endure a complete disc replacement procedure 9 months later. A year after that, he was back on the operating table for a spinal fusion.

The plaintiff family sought damages from Werner Trucking for the medical expenses, loss of future wages, and for pain and suffering. The trial was held in Riverside Federal Court. Werner Trucking denied any liability at first. During the trial, Robert Simon of the Simon Law Group convinced the defense to admit liability halfway through the trial.

MotionLit provided the trial presentation and created demonstrative Powerpoint slides and played video deposition excerpts onscreen. Exhibits, deposition video, animation, accident site video, and graphics and charts were also displayed to the witnesses and jury throughout the trial.

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