$35M Awarded to Motorcyclist Struck in a Dangerous Intersection

Los Angeles Superior Courtroom jury has awarded an overall verdict of $35 million to a plaintiff, ex-UCLA football player, who was struck by a taxi van driver at a Redondo Beach intersection. The collision caused the plaintiff to lose his left leg below the knee. The defendant driver failed to yield the right-of-way while making a left turn onto Diamond Street, colliding with the motorcyclist. During closing argument, the plaintiff’s attorney Garo Mardirossian of Mardirossian and Associates, told jurors that Caltrans was also negligent for the poor design and visibility of that intersection, fully aware of the history and prior accidents that had occurred at that intersection. After three days of deliberation the panel held Caltrans responsible for injuries suffered by the Plaintiff.

The Day-in-the-Life video and Settlement Documentary produced by MotionLit showed the struggles that plaintiff endured each day.
Both videos helped during settlement negotiation stages, and to assess the value in trial. The videos also established the level of dependency, care, and costs required for the plaintiff’s present and future life care plan.

Play the video to get the insights from trial attorney Garo Mardirossian, on how he uses MotionLit’s Settlement Documentary and Day-in-the-Life videos to help jurors and the opposition understand his clients’ damages, resulting in record-breaking verdicts.

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