Demand Video Conveys Worker’s Burn Injury Claim By Facility Negligence Resulting In A Substantial Outcome

See how Bobby Saadian obtained a confidential result, utilizing MotionLit’s Day-in-the-Life Videos and Demand Package Videos

When your opponent is attempting to “delay, deny, or devalue your claim”, as described by attorney Bobby Saadian of Wilshire Law Firm, MotionLit’s Demand Package Video is a key media-component to help present the full scope of the story in a complete video presentation.

Wilshire Law Firm represented the plaintiff, who was intensely electrocuted after drilling into a high-voltage area, while working on a construction site. The large commercial facility did not inform the plaintiff of the high voltage wires running through the ground that he was instructed to drill into. As a result of the facility’s negligence, plaintiff suffered severe arc flash burn injuries.

MotionLit’s Demand Package Video was instrumental in portraying the crippling injuries that plaintiff will have to endure for the rest of his life. Interviews were conducted and filmed by MotionLit’s crew, and the final product, when compiled together, told the compelling story of the liability and damages of the case.

Present the full value of your case when you’re making a demand in your next claim, by utilizing a Demand Package Video and leave no room for negotiation.

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“MotionLit’s Demand Package Video kept focus on my client’s injuries.”
Bobby Saadian, Esq-Bobby Saadian, EsqWilshire Law Firm, PLC

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