From Zero Offer to $1.525 Million Settlement

Driver Involved in Auto Accident Case Settled For $1.525 Million

Justin P. Dixon of Dixon & Daley, LLP. reached a $1.525 Million settlement utilizing visuals created by MotionLit. The plaintiff, a man with a history of pre-existing injuries, was involved in a rear end accident on the I-95 back in 2017. With the likeliness of a potential trial, Mr. Dixon knew he would need to have visuals which the lay person could view and easily understand how the accident and injuries occurred.

The MotionLit team was retained to produce several medical illustrations and a Demand Package Video, highlighting the injuries before and after the accident with colorized MRI interpretations, and recorded interviews. Heading into mediation with no settlement offer on the table, the Demand Package Video presentation was shown to opposing counsel which laid out the plaintiffs total losses and damages through Day-in-the-life coverage, combined with intimate interviews from family members, friends, co-workers and medical experts witnesses. Ultimately, Mr. Dixon was able to settle this case after mediation for $1.525 million and the power of visuals paid off once again!

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“MotionLit’s visuals really brought our case to life.”
Justin P. Dixon, Esq.Justin P. Dixon, Esq.Dixon & Daley, LLP

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