3D Trial Animation Showcases Damages In Personal Injury Case Awarded $70.5 Million Verdict

Watch Daniel Rodriguez discuss how he secured a record $70.5 Million Verdict utilizing MotionLit’s 3D Animations.

The plaintiff driver, a mother of two, was driving her children to shop for school clothes when a big rig ran a red light and slammed into their SUV. Attorneys Daniel Rodriguez and Chantal Trujillo of Rodriguez & Associates represented the driver of the SUV in a personal injury suit against the transport company. As a result of the semi-truck driver’s negligence, plaintiffs’ sustained multiple injuries including skull and facial fractures as well as traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

The MotionLit team, produced multiple visuals which were admitted in to trial, including Accident Reconstruction Animation of the accident scene, as well as a Mechanism-of-Injury Animation which showed the complex sequence of events that occurred during the impact from a biological perspective. The visuals played a vital role during the courtroom presentation in displaying the evidence in an accurate way that helped the opponents and jury to understand the traumatic experiences and drivers actions from the witnesses point-of-view. With the help of our Trial Support team, MotionLit Trial Technician assisted with powerpoint graphics, exhibit playback, video editing, and courtroom presentations during the trial. The Rodriguez firm obtained a shattering $70 million verdict for the plaintiff family, the highest personal injury verdict in Kern County history.

In personal injury cases, it is often times standard practice to utilize 3D Animations and Demand Package Videos for Mediation and trial purposes to convey the message. With the help of our visual strategies and comprehensive approach at MotionLit, you can depend on the country’s leading visual team to communicate your client’s story.

Visuals can help answer questions to some of the most complicated situations in a case, including accidents, injuries, medical procedures, and causation. Call us today and tell us about your upcoming case!

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