Seven Figure Verdict Obtained In Trampoline Park Injury Case

Case Study: Dordulian – 3d Mechanism Of Injury

Attorneys Samuel Dordulian and Arpineh Yeremian obtained a 7-figure verdict for their client, a 17-year-old young man who was injured while playing dodge ball with his friends at a trampoline park. The animation produced by MotionLit depicts how unsafe and defective the trampoline presented a dangerous situation. The manufacturers’ flawed safety padding system caused the plaintiff to land on exposed hardware, subsequently causing an avulsion fracture of the patella.

After legal hurdles, the Dordulian firm prevailed and debunked the defendants’ arguments by presenting MotionLit’s animation of the defects of the trampoline, as well as the mechanism of the injury inflicted onto the plaintiff.

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“With the help of MotionLit’s Animations, we were able to debunk the defendant safety argument.”
Samuel Dordulian, Esq.   Arpineh Yeremian, Esq.Samuel Dordulian, Esq. Arpineh Yeremian, Esq.Dordulian Law Group

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