$3.8 Million Verdict Awarded in Damages for 2013 Kern County School Shooting Case

Many attorneys who are utilizing visuals created by Motionlit are closing cases faster for their clients with less cost and larger wins, resulting in greater monetary figures in case settlements and verdicts.

While you stay tuned for a full upcoming case study video from a Bakersfield attorney on a recent $3.8 Million verdict, here’s another MotionLit 3D Animation utilized for a school shooting case that prevailed with a favorable verdict. The animation shows the mechanics of an injury that resulted from a school shooting that happened in a  Kern county school. The animation effectively demonstrated the cause of the injury as well as the close range location of the rifle that was fired in the classroom. The gunshot wound injuries required the student to undergo over 30 surgeries to save his life.

Take advantage of the power visual presentations for your next case. Call MotionLit to learn how you can apply visuals to your presentation in a number of different applications including premises liability cases, product defects, medical malpractice cases, and complex surgical procedures.

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