Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Animation Depicts Scope Of Brain Injuries Ensued After Bar Fight

When presenting brain injury cases, it is oftentimes hard to describe the blunt force head trauma that your client has sustained. With MotionLit 3D Animations and Video Color Tracking services, you can make powerful statements with your presentation by displaying accident scenes and a summary of injuries in a thorough and comprehensive way.

In this case, involving a bar fight, the surveillance tape shows footage of the violence that ensued on the street. Our video and animation experts at MotionLit analyzed the poor quality footage through a unique frame-by-frame process in order to evaluate the actions that took place during the altercation that eventually led to the plaintiff’s serious head injuries.

MotionLit produced a combination of visuals including video enhancement, color tracking, as well as animations of the fight scene, along with a 3D summary of injuries presentation.

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