The MotionLit Trial Technician

A MotionLit Trial Tech is someone who works with you from the start to finish of your trial. We handle all technology, display and design related scenarios, both inside the courtroom and outside the courtroom. We usually begin by keeping in contact with you and your staff to ensure that we have all exhibits, all demonstrative, all relevant materials and media that will be used during court.

We did this before or well before the start of trial in order to make sure everything is organized and ready to go. Leading up to the opening statement. This is very important because we will also be sitting with you in court during the entire trial in order to display these exhibits, highlight certain texts, call out certain texts, or zoom in to certain areas on photos as well as playback all media and cut any depositions on the fly for playback purposes or for impeachment purposes.

And the main and strongest benefits to having one of our child texts is it helps you focus solely on your case and your argument as we’re there to help corroborate and make your whole presentation stand out for the jury and also make the jury easily understand your case and agree with your case.


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