Dan Kramer Obtains a favorable verdict on a tough liability case utilizing Videos, Demonstratives & Trial Support Services

Trial attorney Dan Kramer, Esq. of Kramer Holcomb Sheik, LLP. obtained a $2.9 Million verdict for his client, an electrician, who was walking towards a construction site during early morning hours when he fell into an un-marked trench, breaking 3 ribs and lacerating his spleen which resulted in internal bleeding. The plaintiff was forced to miss 9 months of work due to the recovery time of his injuries.

The Defendants denied liability for the accident. Dan Kramer and his team were forced to go to trial for his client and were awarded a substantial amount after a jury ruled in their favor. Kramer’s team utilized MotionLit for their Video, Demonstratives, and Trial Support Services and were able to bring the intangible aspects of the case to life for the jury to see.

Learn how MotionLit’s persuasive Day-in-the-Life videos, 3D Animations, and Trial Support services can help create dynamic and compelling presentations for you cases

“MotionLit used what we had and really brought it to life… That kind of partnership is honestly priceless.”
Daniel KramerDaniel KramerKramer Holcomb Sheik, LLP.

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