Advanced Tech Equipment Package

Our advanced equipment package is our standard package with a laptop to help bring your presentation to the next level. It comes with a projector. Elmo Presenter, Handwriting screen Audio speaker, VGA switch and a laptop. The VGA switches there still allow you to go back and forth from the Elmo presenter to the laptop during a trial presentation. Our trial techs, once notified, will bring and deliver the equipment to the courtroom that you need it and install it for you to ensure that everything is running smoothly so that during your child presentation, technology is never an issue.

At the end of the trial, we come by, pick it up and break it down so that you never have to worry about dealing with the trial equipment. The entire presentation of your case. The laptop is also used for downloading digital exhibits and making sure that it is organized for your video depositions, demonstrative PowerPoints, timelines and anything else that you might need to use during your child presentation to ensure that it looks good and professional in front of the jury.

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