Cathryn Fund and Jared Beilke Secured a Substantial Settlement Utilizing MotionLit’s Demand Package Video

At MotionLit, the amount of care that we put into our work is reflected in the results of our clients’ case-wins. We remember the sexual harassment case we worked on for attorneys Cathryn Fund and Jared Beilke of JML Law, APC. The firm secured a substantial settlement for their client,a post-anesthesia nurse who was sexually harassed by her boss. With the amount of significant distress the plaintiff suffered from her employer, the attorneys knew it was crucial for the victim to tell her story utilizing a Demand Package Video.

MotionLit was retained by the firm to produce a Demand Package Video that included Day-in-the-Life footage and emotional interviews with the victim and her loved ones to visually illustrate and explain the overwhelming story of her total emotional, mental and economic loss.

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Cathryn G. Fund, Esq. , Jared W. Beilke, Esq.Cathryn G. Fund, Esq. , Jared W. Beilke, Esq.JML Law, APC

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