See How Dr. Kenneth R. Sabbag Utilized MotionLit’s Visual-Aid To Present Witness Testimony


Orthopaedic expert witness Kenneth R. Sabbag, M.D. discusses how MotionLit’s trial-ready Day-in-the-Life Videos, Medical Illustrations, 3D Animations and Tech Support helped create a powerful visual statement for his case, which involved a complex elbow fracture that resulted from a dance rehearsal accident.
Dr. Sabbag utilized MotionLit produced visuals to describe the story, damages suffered by Plaintiff, and the complicated past and future surgical procedures involved in the treatment process.

When it comes to authenticity and accuracy, experts and doctors rely on MotionLit’s Animations and visuals to lay down their supporting facts, foundations, and opinions.
Order MotionLit Videos, Trial Support and 3D Animations to ensure you’re securing the best results possible for your client.

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“MotionLit’s animations are really stellar and fantastic.”
Kenneth R. Sabbag,  M.D.Kenneth R. Sabbag, M.D.Congress Medical Associates

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