Ankle Fracture From Rear-End Collision

Otto L. Haselhoff of Law Offices of Otto L. Haselhoff, obtained a $2 Million settlement against Jameson Management on behalf of his client, an elderly woman who was involved in a rear end vehicle collision.
The Plaintiff, a woman in her 70s, was involved in a three-vehicle collision when a commercial vehicle from Jameson Management struck her vehicle which in turn resulted in her hitting another vehicle. As a result, the Plaintiff suffered a fractured ankle that required her to have round the clock care.
(Day-In-The-Life Video Images Provided by MotionLit)MotionLit produced a Settlement Documentary which told the compelling story of the plaintiff’s life prior to, during, and after the accident. The video effectively portrays the quality of life that was diminished, and the physical limitations that the plaintiff suffers each day as she carries out her activities of daily living.

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