See How Arash Homampour Secured an 8-Figure Settlement Utilizing a Demand Video & 3D Animations

At MotionLit, we put an immense amount of care into our work which is reflected in the results we see for our clients’ case wins. We remember the tragic case we worked on for attorney Arash Homampour of The Homampour Law Firm. The firm secured an eight-figure settlement for their client, a motorcyclist who passed away from a deadly accident that was caused by a defendant driver attempting to make an illegal lane change. MotionLit produced a 3D Animation depicting the scene of the accident from areal views, as well as perspective angles that clearly show the negligence of the defendant driver. For mediation purposes, MotionLit also produced a Demand Package Video which told the Plaintiff’s compelling life-story, and tragic loss.

Connect with us to learn more about how you can get the full value of damages claim with our signature Demand Package Videos and Animations for pre-lit, settlements, and mediation purposes.

“With MotionLit’s 3D Animations and Videos, defense claims can be debunked.”

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