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Attorney Christian Pereira secured a substantial settlement utilizing 3D Animation and Medical Illustration.

Christian Pereira of Pereira Law secured a substantial settlement for his client, a plaintiff who fell victim to police misconduct. In this case MotionLit created a summary of injury animation showing the physical harm that was caused to the plaintiff by the city of Santa Ana’s police force.

A blow to the right side of the body caused three fractured ribs which then, in turn, resulted in a puncture to the lung’s pleura. A puncture to the pleura of the lung causes air to rapidly move in to the pleural space. The increased amount of air (pneumothorax) causes the lungs to compress, therefore making breathing difficult. The client suffered three broken ribs and a pneumothorax, but was not taken immediately for treatment.

MotionLit’s summary of injury animation was used in during trial to show the injuries the client sustained, and to visually represent a complex topic such as a pneumothorax.

If you’re looking to present your complex case with powerful and simple visuals, choose Motionlit as your complete Litigation Support team to handle your demonstrative graphics, video editing, and trial-tech support services. Our experience, combined with industry talent, gives you the strategic edge that it takes to win!

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