Animation Reconstruction Shows Lack of Safety Protocol In Workplace Electrocution

Presenting the liability in a catastrophic injury case involving workplace safety violations, such as insufficient training and lack of necessary labeling, can be challenging without effective visual aid. At MotionLit we specialize in reinforcing your argument by bringing the facts to life with the power of 3D animation. In this case, an electrician suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his hands when checking the voltage of a unit that blew up while his hands were still inside. His supervisors were present and equally unaware that what they were doing was unsafe.

MotionLit’s animation reconstruction made it visually clear that the unit he was working on was not labeled to show the actual voltage of the unit, 4160 volts. The meter used by the employee to check the voltage was only graded for 1000 volts, causing the explosion that injured him. In the reconstruction of the incident, it is proposed where exactly the proper labels would have been placed had protocol been followed. The animation then shows the dramatic explosion that occurred when the meter made contact with the unit’s wires and the subsequent Mechanism of Injury of the employee’s electrocuted hands. 

In this workplace accident case, MotionLit worked closely with the plaintiff’s lawyers to construct 3D animation that would convey a comprehensive message regarding liability and damages. MotionLit’s visual strategies have helped garner multi-million dollar settlements for trial attorneys across the country. 

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