Animation Depicts Multiple Injuries After Head-On Collision $4.875 Million Settlement Reached

Are you ready to obtain multimillion dollar settlements, before even reaching the courtroom doorsteps? Attorneys all around the country achieve substantial settlements without spending a single dollar on high preparation costs of trial, and inflated expert consultant fees. With MotionLit’s powerful Video Production and 3D Animation products and services, you can keep on delivering persuasive presentations, at a fraction of the cost.

In a recent auto accident case, an elderly driver was turning at an intersection, when a truck failed to stop at a red light, colliding head-on into the subject vehicle. MotionLit’s nighttime animation showed the severity of the devastating accident that caused significant injuries to the subject. The intense animation showed the accuracy of the night scene environment, in addition to the sharp detail of the vehicles, and the collision dynamics.

The second animation sequence produced by MotionLit, detailed the medical summary of injuries, sustained by the subject resulting from the impact. The case resulted in a $4.875 Million settlement.

MotionLit’s signature settlement tools such as Demand Package Videos, and 3D Accident Reconstruction Animations, help to convey your clients’ story in a clear and comprehensive way. Present the complex and intricate details that surround your case, with compelling visuals, that help educate your viewer on the evidence.

Learn about how you can utilize MotionLit visuals on your next case for pre-litigation and courtroom presentations.

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