Omofoma & Montes De Oca Secure a $1.1 Million Verdict with MotionLit’s Services

Attorneys Ese Omofoma and Chris Montes De Oca secured a $1.1 million verdict by utilizing MotionLit’s Videos, Demonstrative Graphics and Trail-Tech Support Services.

Attorneys Ese Omofoma of The Omofoma Law Firm, and Chris Montes De Oca of Chris Montes De Oca Injury Attorney, obtained a $1.1 million verdict for their client who had a baby that passed within 24 hours of being born. County of Los Angeles’ Coroner Office picked up the deceased newborn and then cremated the body without giving prior notice to the mother of the child. The attorneys retained MotionLit Trial-Tech Support and Video team to prep for trial exhibits, provide courtroom technology, and Demonstrative Graphics for their case.

Presenting the facts in a damages claim often times requires MotionLit’s visual aid in order to guide the jury through the trauma and negligence that was involved. Stay on track with your oral arguments with the help of visual-cues that will allow jurors to follow-along with the chronology of your story. Timelines Graphics, Exhibit Slides, and Deposition Video Clips are smart choices to pair with your disputed liability suits, and complex business cases.

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