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The possibilities of visual presentations are endless, but we understand that your budgets are not. That is why MotionLit is committed to innovating new ways to keep the cost of your video down without taking away from our high-quality standard. Personal Injury cases can get expensive, but your video will not be due to our new affordable alternatives such as our Storyboard videos.

Storyboard videos can be very effective, particularly in small exposure cases where a video presentation can illustrate the story in an edited sketch-art fashion. Like a graphic novel or children’s book, your story is always easier to follow and understand by using imagery to help guide jurors through your story. Especially when dealing with accident scene altercations, a Storyboard video will unequivocally help your audience to experience and live-in the trauma of the scene and the story.

Our Storyboard videos put a modern spin on a classic approach by using hand-drawn storyboards, created by our talented illustration artists. The panels of the Storyboard videos are then cut and edited together with motion graphics and mixed media. The end result is a unique presentation method and creative approach to seeing your liability themes and damages claims come to life.

As our CASE STUDIES prove, utilizing MotionLit visuals is the most compelling and cost-effective way to make sure you win your next case. Call MotionLit today to see how you can save money with fast and easy-to-order Storyboard videos – suitable for ANY size case!

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