Cathryn Fund & Jared Beilke secured a substantial settlement utilizing a Demand Package Video.

Attorneys Cathryn G. Fund and Jared W. Beilke of JML Law, APC obtained a substantial settlement for their client, a post anesthesia care nurse that was sexually harassed by her boss at a surgical center. Several years into her employment, the plaintiff started to be sexually harassed by the Medical Director of the facility, which included touching, kissing, and inappropriate comments. Despite the harasser eventually being asked to resign, the plaintiff suffered significant emotional distress at the hands of her employer.

In a case with purely emotional damages such as this one, the attorneys knew that it was crucial for the victim to be able to tell her story. Emotional suffering is just as real and painful as a physical injury, but it is more difficult to see, and that is where MotionLit comes in. Our Demand Videos illustrate and explain the complete story of the case, which includes a scripted narration mixed in with Day-in-the-Life footage and emotional interviews with the victim and their loved ones.

MotionLit’s Demand Videos prove that small investments add big value to your case, by packaging your damages and liability claim into a concise and compelling video. Our services are suitable for any size case, and we work quickly and efficiently to help you secure your ideal verdict.

Call to learn more about how MotionLit services can help you win your next case by consulting with one of our Video Specialists, Trial-Support Technicians, 3D Animators, and Medical Illustrators.

“You will have spent your money well if you hire MotionLit”
Cathryn G. Fund, Esq.JML Law, APC
“You will have spent your money well if you hire MotionLit”
Jared W. Beilke, Esq.JML Law, APC

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