See How Attorney Gerald Marcus Secured an $3.5 Million Settlement Utilizing a Day-in-the-Life Video & 3D Animations

Attorney Gerald Marcus of The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus secured a substantial settlement for his client who fell victim to the city’s negligence and poorly maintained premises that caused permanent injuries.

The plaintiff was driving down the street in the lane closest to the median of a two-lane street. The defendant – a commercial landscaping company worker tending the median strip, mowed over a 28-inch rod. The rod then shot out and struck the plaintiff in the face, leaving him legally blind in the left eye.

The gardener did not check the median for any objects before beginning to work and failed to properly check the mower for defects and repairs.

MotionLit prepared a compelling Demand Package Video consisting of a Day-in-the-Life and a 3D Reconstruction Animation of the scene that was utilized in negotiating and securing a substantial settlement

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