Driver Sustains Cervical Injury in Rear-end Collision – Awarded Six Figure Settlement

The case involved a plaintiff driver who suffered significant neck and back injuries from a rear-end vehicle collision caused by a double-trailer tractor truck. Attorney Gerald L. Marcus of Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus Accident Attorneys, represented the plaintiff in the case who had suffered significant injuries as a result of traumatic accident. The defendants in the case contested the claims in an effort to minimized the plaintiff’s injuries, suggesting that they were not related to the rear-end collision. As a result the defense submitted a substantially lower settlement offer.

Gerald L. Marcus immediately reached out to MotionLit to produce 3D Animations and Medical Illustrations to effectively depict the details of the collision and the surgical intervention required to relieve the plaintiff’s neck pain. The visuals that MotionLit prepared helped the defendants comprehend the shear force and impact of the trauma, which ultimately led to a larger settlement that was multiple-times the original offer.

Preparing visuals can often help describe the damages, and negligence for your claim in ways that words alone cannot. Call us today to order visual presentations for your upcoming cases.

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