Driver Sustains Shoulder Injury in Traffic Accident Awarded Seven Figure Settlement​

Bobby Saadian, Esq. and Jon Teller, Esq., of Wilshire Law Firm secured a seven figure settlement utilizing MotionLit’s Demand Package Video. The case involved a plaintiff driver who suffered mildly significant neck and shoulder injuries from a vehicle collision. While the liability was mostly admitted, the damages were in question as to the plaintiff’s pre-existing health concerns.
The firm retained MotionLit to produce a Demand Package Video of the family members, collecting witness testimony that described the plaintiff’s life prior to the incident. The video presentation helped defendants understand the full scale of the damages, and came back to the table with an offer that was triple times the originally proposed amount.
If you’re looking to get substantial offers on the table, present your case to defendants with the full and complete representation of your client with our Demand Package Videos. Our video crew at MotionLit has the expertise and more than two decades of legal filming experience to tell the story of your client’s life in a comprehensive and impactful way.    

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