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Watch this video to see why attorney Ray Boucher chose MotionLit to produce a Demand Package Video on a job-site electrocution case, resulting in a substantial settlement.

Attorney Raymond P. Boucher of Boucher, LLP ordered a MotionLit Demand Video for his client, a young married man and soon-to-be father, who was electrocuted by a power line while at work. He suffered severe electrical burn scars and injuries, including full thickness fifth-degree burns to his head, face, neck, chest, left shoulder, elbow and forearm. The plaintiff was a former semi-professional boxer, and now he cannot use his hands due to the catastrophic nerve damage.

MotionLit produced a Demand Package Video for this case in order to show the pain and suffering the plaintiff now experiences on a daily basis. MotionLit’s Demand Videos are a scripted narrative that combine Day-in-the-Life and interview footage to display the damages and liability of a tragic case such as this. The Day-in-the-Life portion of the video demonstrates how the plaintiff physically struggles with simple tasks in his everyday routine. The interview portion of the video includes footage of the plaintiff and their loved ones, showing the emotional and psychological struggles they now experience. The damages are presented in a clear, concise, and compelling video to show the defense how the lives of this young man and his family and friends have been forever impacted as a result of this workplace accident.

Have you considered that in most cases, a Demand Video can help bring substantial settlement offers to the table. If you are in settlement talks, contact our team to find out how a MotionLit Demand Package Video can pack-a-punch in your case before mediation.

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