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See how attorneys Matthew Biren and Andrew Biren obtained a substantial settlement utilizing MotionLit’s 3D Animation and Video services.

Attorneys Matthew Biren and Andrew Biren of Biren Law Group secured a substantial settlement for their client, a loving grandma of a big family, who lived in a senior living apartment complex. She was taking out the trash to the apartment dumpster when suddenly she was hit and killed by another tenant driving in the parking lot. The defendant was an elderly man who could not see the plaintiff due to the unsafe premises design.

MotionLit produced a Video Inspection and 3D Animation for this case with drone video footage and photos of the accident scene. Using scientific data and inspection findings, MotionLit’s animation team reconstructed the scene with multiple angles including aerial and ground coverage of the site, as well as created alternative views to help show proposed safer crosswalks.

If you’re looking for a video company to help you come up with visual strategies for your case, MotionLit is here to help provide Video presentations, 3D Animation, Exhibit Graphic Design, Illustration and Tech Support.

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“MotionLit visuals was a huge factor in our clients substantial recovery.”
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