See how attorneys Jonathan Roven and Robert Kahn obtained a $750,000 settlement utilizing MotionLit’s accident reconstruction animation.


Attorneys Jonathan Roven and Robert Kahn of Kahn Roven, LLP. obtained a $750,000 settlement for their client, a pedestrian who was struck by a driver making an improper left turn. As a result of the accident, the plaintiff suffered significant injuries to her head and knee.

The attorneys hired MotionLit to produce a trial ready animation to recreate the accident scene based on gathered scientific data, and witness statements. By showing multiple angles of the scene, the accident reconstruction animation clearly represented the liability to the jury, and demonstrated the trauma inflicted on the pedestrian.

When it comes to authentic and powerful presentations, trial lawyers, expert witnesses, and doctors rely on MotionLit’s visual-aid to lay down their supporting facts, foundations, and opinions.

Order MotionLit Demand Videos, Trial Support, Medical Illustrations and 3D Animations to ensure you’re securing the best results possible for your client in trial, and during pre-litigation stages of your case.

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