Deadly Roadway Design Defect 3D Animation Reconstruction

Dramatic Animation of Crash Reveals Unsafe Roadway Design Defect in Wrongful Death Claim

When presenting your liability arguments in a wrongful death suit, 3D Animation reconstruction can be utilized to validate the supporting facts of the case.

This tragic case involved a driver who was on her way home from shopping during a rain storm in the County of Riverside. A major defect in the roadway water drainage design caused “ponding” to occur on the road, flooding the lane where the plaintiff was driving. The water drainage issue caused the driver to lose control of her SUV and swerve off the road and slam into a tree, killing her and catastrophically injuring the passenger.

A MotionLit Animation was prepared using analysis data, witness testimony, and images of the scene to show the condition of the flooded roadway, as well as how the unsafe roadway condition caused this deadly accident.

A popular MotionLit process we call “Photo-Matching” was incorporated into the animation to further validate the accuracy of the interpreted animation by showing how the actual police photographs from the scene of the crash match perfectly with the 3D simulated environment.

Our comprehensive visuals have played a key role in securing multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for trial lawyers across the country, and we are here to help you make presentation strategies for your next personal injury or wrongful death claim.

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