$3.6 MILLION SETTLEMENT Tenants Suffer Lead Poisoning

Grant Riley and Riley Law Group PC represented 4 families (10 children and 8 adults) who lived in a 100 year old apartment building in Los Angeles. Riley Law Group PC sued four (4) successive owners and property management companies for tortious breach of the implied warranty of habitability, negligence and other causes of action. Six of the children had lead poisoning from living at the property and all plaintiffs had suffered from years of abuse by the various slumlords who owned the building. Despite the absence of any insurance for lead poisoning, Riley Law Group PC successfully argued that the doctrine of concurrent causation required that the insurance companies pay for all damages suffered by plaintiffs.

MotionLit prepared a Mediation Video complete with aerial drone photographs of the property, animated projections of each floor and apartment of the property that identified the numerous code violations impacting the property over an eight (8) year period of time.

“The team at MotionLit was absolutely incredible. Inventive, creative and great to work with. They are the Seal Team 6 of trial and litigation graphics. I will never go into battle without them. I mean it!”
Grant K. RileyGrant K. Riley, RILEY LAW GROUP PC

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