Arash Homampour Uses 3D Animation Visuals to Obtain an Eight Figure Settlement

Arash Homampour of The Hamampour Law Firm, obtained an 8 figure settlement against defendant on behalf of the decedent, a motorcyclist who’s identity is undisclosed for confidentiality.

On January 19, 2016, decedent, the 53 year old Plaintiff who was a married father of three adult children, was riding his motorcycle on westbound traffic. As the Defendant driver negotiated an illegal lane change crossing two pairs of solid a double yellow lines, collided with the Plaintiff motorcyclist resulting in a deadly crash. Decedent’s wife and three adult children asserted wrongful death related claims.

MotionLit Services prepared a compelling settlement video of the loss to decedent’s family and Defendant’s liability which was provided to Defendants prior to mediation.

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“MotionLit used what we had and really brought it to life… That kind of partnership is honestly priceless.”
Arash HomampourArash Homampour, Homampour Law Firm

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