Cervical Spine Injury From Rear-End Accident Results In A $2.2 Million Jury Verdict

Watch Mark Bringardner discuss how he secured a $2.2 Million verdict utilizing 3D Animations and Medical Illustrations

The case involved a driver who was rear-ended by defendant’s vehicle while texting and driving. As a result of the accident, plaintiff sustained cervical spine injuries, and required a 3-level neck fusion surgery. In opening, the defense tried to deny the plaintiff’s claims that the injuries were degenerative, or the plaintiff waited too long to have the surgery. In closing, the defense asked the jury to give $25,000, but after plaintiff attorney Mark Bringardner of Joye Law Firm presented his case, the jury awarded $2.2 Million verdict, which may be the largest personal injury verdict ever in Dorchester County, South Carolina.

The animation and medical illustration produced by MotionLit portrayed the details of the injuries including colorized MRI interpretations of each disc protrusion. The animation also showed the consequential surgical intervention that was required to help relieve the plaintiff’s neck pain.

Visuals are often used in mediations and in courtroom presentations to describe the damages, and negligence in a case. Call us today to order visual presentations for your upcoming case.

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“MotionLit does an excellent job portraying complex surgery Animations and Medical Illustrations for the jury.”
Mark Bringardner, Esq.Joye Law Firm

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