$3.34 MILLION VERDICT Truck Driver Suffers Multiple Fall Injuries From Property Owner Negligence

Congratulations to our clients Shawn McCann and Lauren Horwitz of Banafsheh, Danesh, & Javid, LLP for obtaining a verdict of $3,340,323 with no comparative fault attributed to Plaintiff!

On September 20, 2012, a 37 year old truck driver was conducting a pre-trip inspection of a trailer when he fell into a nearby ditch. He sued the property owner and leasee for negligence. Plaintiff contended that Defendants failed to warn people of the existence of the ditch, and failed to protect against people falling into it.

Defendants disputed liability and contended that Plaintiff was exclusively at fault for failing to see the ditch before he fell into it. Defendants also disputed the nature and extent of Plaintiff’s damage claims.
Plaintiff alleged injury to his shoulder, hip, and back. He sought damages for past and future medical care, past lost wages, and past and future pain and suffering.
The jury returned a verdict for $3,340,323 with no comparative fault attributed to Plaintiff. The last offer was $750,000.00.

MotionLit provided compelling Video and Trial Technology services, along with powerful graphic visuals to help treating physicians explain Plaintiff’s injuries and surgical procedures to the jury. MotionLit’s Medical Animations and Illustrations help jurors to understand the complete and total damages suffered by the plaintiff by portraying the mechanisms of the injury, and how invasive and painful the procedures are.

SHAWN MCCANN, Esq.SHAWN MCCANN, Esq.Banafsheh, Danesh, & Javid

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