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See How Attorney Tina Eshghieh of Arash Law obtained a $7.75 Million Settlement utilizing MotionLit’s Demand Package Video.

Attorney Tina Eshghieh of Arash Law Injury Lawyers obtained a $7,750,000 settlement for her client, a man who was working as a paratransit van driver, when he was suddenly struck by a vehicle. He was helping a wheelchair-bound patron exit the van, when he was hit by a passing car. From the impact, the plaintiff consequently suffered a permanent spinal cord injury and was rendered a paraplegic.

MotionLit produced a Demand Package Video for Arash Law, which consisted of recording day-in-the-life footage of the plaintiff in order to capture his post-accident routines and limitations. Family interviews were also conducted to describe the comprehensive physical, emotional, and mental pain, as well as the financial struggles that the plaintiff and his family now face each day.

Multiply the value of your next personal injury case by including a MotionLit Demand Package Video with your demand letter, and deliver a powerful message to your opponent that mere words alone cannot describe.

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