Featured Item: ORIF Left Inferior Orbital Rim Stenting with Silastic

Surgery Animations can be valuable tools for personal injury lawyers to demonstrate the plaintiff’s loss and injuries in a more compelling and understandable way. MotionLit animations help simplify complex medical information, making it easier for the jury and other non-medical professionals to understand what happened to the plaintiff and how the injury has affected them.

In this facial reconstruction surgery animation, the plaintiff suffered a displaced comminuted left orbital blowout fracture due to a blunt force truama. To repair the fracture the surgeon performed open reduction and internal fixation using metal plates and screws. They also used a silastic prosthetic device to fill the orbital floor defect. The surgery involved making incisions, elevating the periosteum, removing orbital fat, and securing the fracture with a plate and screws. A piece of sialastic sheeting was placed to cover floor defects. As a result, the patient now has a prosthetic device, metal plates, and screws in their face permanently.

Medical experts use MotionLit Animations to explain their assessments and opinions more clearly. The animations can enhance the credibility of the experts and help the jury comprehend complex medical concepts.

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