Animations depict RoundUp exposure leading to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

When it comes to cancer lawsuits, comprehensive animations can be utilized to thoroughly explain to your audience the multiple bio-molecular processes that take place when a plaintiff is exposed to harmful chemicals from Roundup weed killer with the potential of causing disease, such as Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

This is the case for over 4,000 Roundup Cancer Lawsuits currently pending in California’s multidistrict litigation department. Plaintiffs across the country have reported developing Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma after longterm use of Monsanto’s (Now Bayer) Roundup weed killer spray.

The animation that MotionLit prepared walks us through the complex molecular process from the moment the plaintiff is exposed to the harmful airborne chemical to the development of life-threatening cancer. In the full-scale and detailed animations, the three processes are visualized and described as:

1. Oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is when round up bound lymphocytes activate throughout the body degrade the genetic structure and cause defective genetic repairs impairing the gene expression leading to cancerous growth.

2. Chromosomal Translocation

Chromosomal translocation is when the round up bound lymphocytes travel and store in bone marrow and cause varying types of genetic damage that lead to changes in gene expression leading to cancerous growth.

3. Macroglobulinemia (IgM)

Macrolobulinemia (IgM) stores the “round up bound lymphocytes” in the bone marrow which leads to over production of immunoglobulin.

For cancer lawsuits, there are a number of visual strategies that MotionLit can produce to present scientific evidence in your case, including those involving cancers such as

  • B-Lymphoblastic Lymphoma
  • Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma
  • Burkitt Lymphoma
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
  • Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

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