Medical Illustration Helps Interpret Head Fracture MRI that is Difficult to Read

Fractures of this type occur due to accelerated blunt force trauma to the head and neck. The fractures are often seen after motor vehicle accidents or a fall from a great height. Less common but still occasionally seen are fractures of this type in the elderly from a ground-level. Trained professionals are able to diagnose these injuries by studying multiple MRIs but this process can be very difficult to communicate or visualize. Medical illustrations can help you quickly and clearly visualize the complex nature of such injuries, including their causes and subsequent effects.

MotionLit can help you clearly visualize and communicate the details of your case. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cases can include elements of brain and head injury as well as neurological deficits and other far-reaching effects on various parts of the body.

Choose a customizable Illustration or Animation from our online shop library, and our trained professionals will help you visualize the injury details. 

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