Animation Displays Mechanism of Traumatic Brain Injury In Premises Liability Case

A seven figure settlement was reached in a premises liability case involving a man who fell down from a flight of stairs while touring a property that was on the market for sale, resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury. The comprehensive animation produced by MotionLit effectively portrayed the poor design and code violations, which were the underlying results that caused the atrocious fall. The animation also presented several proposed views of how the fall caused the plaintiff to hit his head which lead to the traumatic brain injury. The animation transitions into the mechanism-of-injury sequence, visualizing the axial cross-section view of the subarachnoid and subdural hemorrhages in the brain caused by blunt force trauma. 

Time and again, visual support services such as our Animations, Demand Package Videos, and Medical Illustrations, continue to prove its efficacy for Traumatic Brain Injury and other personal injury  presentations in the courtroom and during settlement negotiations. For a relatively small investment, the results have proven to counter back with big returns.

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