Foot Injury From Ice-Skating Rink Accident Leaves Plaintiff With Debilitating Walking Pain

For most damages disputes, demonstratives such as Medical Illustrations help describe the scope of the injuries which the plaintiff experienced, told in visual form. In this case, involving a young man, whose foot was seriously injured due to the negligence of an ice-skating rink, MotionLit’s Illustration was used to visualize the damages to his foot. As a result, the plaintiff suffered serious clubbing and other deformities to his toes that made walking painful.

The patient underwent a left toe arthroplasty depicted by MotionLit’s surgical procedure Illustration. The comprehensive Medical Illustration shows the process required to correct the deformities to his toes. The process involved excision of part of his first proximal phalanx and a K-wire placed through his second toe.

Now with MotionLit’s online illustration library, you can shop from a variety of our medical procedures, injuries, and anatomical drawings. You can also call and consult with our Illustrators to see how we can create a custom presentation suited for your personal injury claim.

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