Low-Ball Offer In Pedestrian Crosswalk Accident Leads to Six Figure Verdict  

The incident involved the plaintiff who began crossing the street when she was suddenly struck by the defendant vehicle who ran a red light. According to medical records plaintiff sustained soft tissue injuries to her arm and back. After the defendants initial low-ball offer, attorney Andy Lugo of Heimanson & Wolf, LLP tried the case and hired MotionLit to prepare graphic demonstratives of the exhibits in PowerPoint. A MotionLit Trial Technician was also retained to assist with syncing exhibits, edit deposition video clips and run the trial presentation technology for the duration of the trial. The case resulted in a favorable outcome for the client and the firm securing a verdict in excess of $200,000. When gearing up for trial, ensure that you have the right trial support team before stepping into the the battlefield with MotionLit by your side. With top quality visuals, such as 3D Animations, Video Production, and Exhibit Graphics, you have the visual power-team that you need to take on any size case. Bring valuable offers to the negotiation table by presenting valuable visuals with MotionLit.

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