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Women Suffers TBI From Bed Frame Fall

Traumatic Brain Injury (2:20) – ANIMATION

A Santa Monica jury came back with a 2.5 million dollar verdict for a traumatic brain injury victim represented by our client Alan Ahdoot, Esq. of Adamson | Ahdoot, and Andrew Wright of Law Offices of Andrew L. Wright. The plaintiff entered the elevator of her apartment complex as two movers were attempting to take a bed up two stories. The bed frame was placed in the back of the elevator unbalanced and unattended. Surveillance video shows the bed frame swing forward crashing into the back of the plaintiff’s head making her forehead smash into the elevator wall. From the blunt head trauma the plaintiff’s suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and was hospitalized. Medical examination revealed that plaintiff sustained Right Occipital Infarct of the Cerebellar Lobe, and damage to the Orbital Frontal Lobes and Olfactory Bulbs which effected her sense of smell.

Mr. Wright and Mr. Ahdoot retained MotionLit’s Animation experts, Litigation Support Techs, and Day-in-the-Life video crew to successfully portray the damages inflicted upon the plaintiff with the use of effective demonstratives.

Working with the plaintiffs Neurolgist and MRI records, MotionLit created a hybrid scene and anatomical animation of the incident highlighting where and how the injuries occurred.

During trial MotionLit’s Litigation Support Technician was well prepared as the hot seat operator, and was equipped with all the proper gear for the courtroom, making on-the-fly impeachment clips as ordered by Mr. Wright and Mr. Ahdoot.

MotionLit’s video experts were able to immediately enhance the poor quality surveillance footage using frame-by-frame restoration, thus enforcing Mr. Wright’s and Mr. Ahdoot’s persuasive argument by visibly sharpening the picture quality and clarity.

The Law Offices of Andrew L. Wright, and Adamson | Ahdoot, retained MotionLit’s Trial, Design and Video services to perform forensic video work, to convey effective demonstrative graphics and to delivery the trial technology needed to produce favorable results.


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