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See how attorneys Boris Treyzon and Katrina Yu obtained a $9.1 Million Verdict Utilizing MotionLit’s 3D Reconstruction Animation and Medical Illustrations.

Attorneys Boris Treyzon and Katrina Yu of Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP. obtained a $9.1 Million verdict in a premises liability case involving a bicyclist who was riding on Pacific Coast Highway. Debris had fallen from a mudslide on to the roadway blocking the rider’s path of travel. The unmaintained roadway forced the bicyclist on to oncoming traffic, and was struck from behind by another vehicle. The collision projected the rider on to the rocky hillside causing serious traumatic brain injury.

MotionLit’s 3D Trial Animation and Medical Illustrations were instrumental in describing the disputed condition of the area, and the vulnerability that the unmaintained roadway caused for the rider. The visuals also helped support the facts of the case, and tell the story of the damages and total loss inflicted on the Plaintiff’s life.

From the settlement stages to jury trials, MotionLit’s products and services can be used in many areas of law including personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, insurance bad faith, and business litigation cases. Take advantage of MotionLit’s Trial, Video, and Animation services to increase the full potential value of your personal injury case, and get the results you demand.

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