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$8 Million Verdict Awarded
Student Sexually Assaulted by Middle School Teacher

John Taylor & Natalie Weatherford of Taylor & Ring, obtained an $8 million dollar verdict in May against Pomona Unified School District on behalf of the then 14-year-old student who was sexually abused by her 8th grade teacher, Lorbeer Middle School teacher Steven Andrews committed multiple acts of sexual assault and abuse against the student over the course of her 2010/2011 school year.

On numerous occasions, teachers and the school principal failed to adequately supervise Andrews or contact Child Protection Services to report the situation. After one of Andrews’ co-teachers reported his inappropriate conduct, the principal assured the co-teacher that she and the district would take appropriate action, however, she and the district did nothing allowing Andrews to continue his predatory conduct toward the student. The jury unanimously held that Pomona Unified School District was 80% at fault for the Plaintiff’s damages and the perpetrator (Andrews) was 20% at fault.

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