2 Million Dollar Settlement In Damages Claim Involving An Elderly Driver

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Attorneys Keith Bruno and Chris Barnes of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, retained MotionLit to produce a Demand Package Video for their client, an 85 year old man, who was struck by a vehicle while driving through an intersection. The elderly man suffered head and spine injuries which caused serious physical impairments for the client, causing his quality of life to diminish.

After numerous attempts to settle, presenting the Demand Package Video was a key factor in increasing the value of the defendants’ settlement offer. Ultimately the case settled for $2,000,000, which was $700,000 over policy limits.

We all know trials can get expensive with more at stake, dragging on your case for many months. With the power of MotionLit videos, you can settle your case faster, with less cost, less risk, and more value. It is often times a common practice for lawyers to save money by using MotionLit’s videos, in lieu of spending triple the cost on retaining expert witnesses, and scheduling depositions.

Call today and discuss your case with a MotionLit video consultant, to see how you can produce a stronger presentation, with visual strategies that will turn those low-ball offers into multi-million dollar settlements.

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