3D Animation Used To Display Invasive ORIF Skull Surgery

When presenting your case in court, jurors can often times misinterpret or misunderstand radiology films such as MRI and CT scans. With MotionLit’s 3D Animations and Medical Illustrations, the jury can better grasp the full extent of the plaintiff’s injuries when gray scale images are converted in to colorized illustrations and animations. In this case, the plaintiff sustained a frontal bone fracture and a subarachnoid hemorrhage when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The frontal bone fracture involved the anterior and posterior walls of the frontal sinus, and there was fluid and blood seen in the right frontal sinus. These injuries prompted an Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) of the skull. The procedure involved an incision, and displaced fracture fragments were put back into normal anatomical position. Then, two different plates were fixed to the frontal bone and supraorbital rim with screws.

MotionLit has a wide variety of 3D Animations and Medical Illustrations available for purchase including medical procedures, injuries, and anatomical drawings. You can also call and consult with our Illustrators to see how MotionLit can create a custom presentation suited for your personal injury claim. Call (213) 291-9141 or visit MotionLit.com to learn more!

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