3D Accident Animation Depicts Operational Failure Causing Traumatic Fall Injuries

When liability is heavily disputed, presenting a 3D Animation of the accident or fall can help communicate the leading causes of a job site accident and subsequent injuries.

 In this case, a worker was tasked to help unload a bundle of drain pipes from a flatbed truck using a forklift when the lack of stabilizing dunnage caused the pipes to break free and knock the plaintiff to the ground leading to his significant injuries.

 MotionLit’s combined 3D Animation Reconstruction shows the scene of the accident juxtaposed with a proposed scenario which aids to present the negligence that led to the job-site injury. Visually present liability for your workplace accident case with persuasive animations as demonstrative evidence. MotionLit works closely with your team to produce courtroom animations that will comprehensively convey your arguments.

 See how MotionLit can help your firm gain the most value for your injury claim by utilizing impactful 3D Animation presentations. MotionLit.com (855) 850-0650

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