Steven & Justin Effres Obtain a $1.6 Million Settlement with MotionLit’s 3D Surgery & Accident Reconstruction Animation

Attorneys Steven and Justin Effres of Effres & Associates secured a $1.6 Million for their client, a woman who suffered a patella fracture from a fall accident. The accident occurred when the plaintiff slipped and fell inside of a Santa Monica office building. The defense maintenance company’s janitor who was mopping the lobby floor, did not put any wet floor signs around the area, and as a result caused the plaintiff to fall and shatter her knee. The plaintiff required multiple surgeries including ORIF of the right patella fracture, followed by a total knee replacement.

MotionLit prepared a 3D animation of the accident, as well as Medical Animations of the multiple surgical procedures performed, in order to help visualize the severity of the injuries and describe how the accident happened.

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