Animation Depicts Deadly Motorcycle Crash In Disputed Liability Case Reaching $2.9M Settlement

See How Bobby Saadian, Esq. and Jon Teller, Esq. of Wilshire Law Firm Secured a $2.9 Million Settlement Utilizing MotionLit Settlement Video and 3D Animation Reconstruction

Attorneys Bobby Saadian, Esq. and Jon Teller, Esq. of Wilshire Law Firm of Wilshire Law Firm secured a $2.9 Million settlement for their client’s family who lost their son in a devastating motorcycle accident.

The decedent was a 23-year old man who was riding his motorcycle down a road when he saw a vehicle making a left hand turn without noticing him. The motorcyclist went down and slid beneath the vehicle which led to his immediate death.

Part of the challenge in presenting the liability were depicting the distances traveled between drivers, the speeds, and travel times before impact. MotionLit produced a 3D Animation Reconstruction presenting the proposed angels and alternate views between each scenario, visually validating the argument points.

MotionLit also prepared a compelling Settlement video portraying the impact on the family and the emotional and physical hardships that the surviving members endured as a result of the loss.

Settlement videos convey the full scope of damages including economic and non-economic losses which creates a comprehensive presentation that the defendants can thoroughly evaluate in a claim.

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